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In a fair, modern production environment in Koudekerk aan den Rijn – the Netherlands, around 80 people are working together to produce
innovative and market-oriented products and systems on the basis of bitumen and polymers. LATEXFALT BV is an organisation which works constructively,
colourful and binding, both with respect to its products and systems, as well as its consumers, suppliers, staff and other relations.


The LATEXFALT customers are confronted with a continuous, changing environment which is increasingly complex. As a result, flexibility is key to the LATEXFALT organisation in order to respond to these changes.
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The production unit and quality control laboratory have a wide range of analysis and test methods at their disposal to thoroughly inspect each product. Operations receive support from modern, automated control and management systems.
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As a producer of polymer modified bitumen and bitumen emulsions, LATEXFALT has always been aware of the environment. The water based bitumen emulsions are not damaging to environment. Emissions of damaging substances do not take place and PAC connection are not, or hardly present.
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