A surface dressing is  when a system of bituminous binder with a layer of aggregate or split is being glued to the road, the effects are enormous:

Life span

The life span of a treated surface will increase duet o the application with a surface dressing system, the system will prevent damage caused by penetration of moist, rutting, ageing (oxidation) and wear-off of the asphalt pavement due to usage.

Maintenance costs

The price per m2 depends on size of the project as well as the type of selected system and is regarded limited compared to other maintenance systems, in addition no extra costs will arise such as adjusting heights of gulley’s and / or gutters.


In between the stones, space is available to save water. This enables a direct and continuous rough surface with sufficient anti-skid properties. Icing salts are remaining on the roads, where they should be and will not be worn off too fast, enabling them to remain active. Visibility in twilight or dark hours will improve due to scattering of the light in the surface texture of the treated area.