Generally, an asphalt construction consists of more than one layer asphalt. To reach the optimal life time, it is required to optimally bind these layers. In case of inferior adhesion between the layers, the individual may shift due to the horizontal shear strength in the various asphalt layers., caused by the traffic. A tack coat must be applied to ensure a proper adhesion of the asphalt layers.

To obtain an optimal adhesion – in general – a tack coat system is being applied. This emulsion is easy to be atomized, in order to reach an evenly spreaded dosage  on the asphalt layer. An important benefit of bituminous emulsions is these can be applied on a slightly moist road surface. Besides the application of a standard tack coat, polymer modified tack coats are also commonly used. Especially for thinner asphalt layers, with expected heavy and intense traffic loads, as well as on concrete the improved adhesive properties of a modified tack coat emulsion may improve the performance of the entire asphalt construction. 

In other words, Latexfalt has several tack coat emulsions for various applications and constructions.