Modimuls TT is a storage stable and rapid setting emulsion based on low penetration grade bitumen. This grade of bitumen does not demonstrate tack towards the tires of any rolling equipment, such as asphalt paving machines and asphalt trucks. Modimuls TT has much higher bonding characteristics than standard tack coat emulsions

Modimuls TT provides qualified benefits:

  1. Rapid setting properties of Modimuls TT bond/tack coat emulsion, especially designed for high performance asphalt constructions.
  2. Non-stickiness. After application it adheres optimally to the surface, while not sticking to the tires of the asphalt trucks feeding the paver.
  3. No contamination of surrounding areas by truck tires and roads remain clean especially in the urban areas.
  4. A homogeneous bond/tack coat layer is assured  on the complete road surface as pick-up of the adhesive layer by tires does not occur.

The enhanced properties of the harder grade of bitumen result in a higher shear strength [Leutner-test] between the asphalt layers.

Supplied in two qualities, Modimuls TT can be applied during the entire year: C55B4 [April - October] and C55B5 [October - April].

Modimuls TT has a good  storage stability and can be stored for at least 6 months. It can be applied using standard spraying equipment [60 - 70°C]. The breaking time is set at approx. 20 minutes [20°C/65% RH] enabling a quick working process.